Be Legit Week 4

Be Legit

Theme: The two Jesus Kissers

Nicole compared the two Jesus Kissers seen in the gospels, the immoral woman who washed Jesus feet with her hair and Judas.  Judas looked like a man of faith, but obviously missed it.   Where as this other woman, demonstrated her faith no matter what it cost her.   

Creative Element: After Nicole’s message, we invited the students to interact with the different stations we had set-up around the room.  Feel free to check them out and use what you can!  Be Legit Stations PDF  

Set List: Came to My Rescue, Cornerstone, Set a Fire

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Be Legit Week 3

Be Legit

Theme: Don’t do it alone.

Nicole reminded the students that while they are to take ownership of their faith, they can’t do it alone.  She talked about the importance of participating in the church body, joining a life group, and having an accountability partner.

Creative Element: Concluding the message, Nicole invited the students to respond however that looked for them individually.  She challenged students to approach their life group leader if they hadn’t been participating as they should. She encouraged students to approach her if they wanted to join a life group or get involved at the church.  She invited students to talk to each other and pray together about the possibility of being accountability partners.

Games: On business card sizes pieces of paper we printed the names of 6 different animals.  We then folded the slips of paper in half twice and put them all in our offering plates.  During service, we passed the plates down the rows, instructing students to take a piece of paper, but not look at it.  Nicole explained that everyone had the name of an animal and on “go” they were to make the noise of the animal and find the rest of their heard (or flock).  On “Go” the lights went out and all the students started making their animal noises.  Once all the groups were formed, we brought the lights back up for the next game.

Now that our large group was in small groups, we played human knot.  Some groups did very well.  Others couldn’t even complete the first step of creating a knot.  But everyone still had fun and it was a good way to mix up the group and have the students interact with other students they don’t naturally.

Set List: All Because of Jesus, Your Love Never Fails, God is Able

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Be Legit Week 2

Be Legit

Theme: Own it.

Keith Trollinger, a guest speaker, challenged the students to own their faith.  He compared it to a car he grew up in that his parents eventually gave him.  Once it was his, he was no longer a passenger along for the ride.  He was the driver, he held the keys.

Creative Element: Before service, we contacted a local lock smith who donated a bunch of random keys.  We wrote “Be Legit” on key tags and attached one to each key.  After Keith’s message, referencing Keith’s illustration, Nicole invited the students to symbolically take ownership and responsibility for their faith by getting a key from the stage.

Games: We divided the crowd into two teams and assigned each team a runner.  Nicole would ask for an item and whichever team delivered that item to her first received a point.  She asked for a learner’s license, a piece of mail, something from another state, a note from a friend, a hunting license, and a receipt from a local business.  Due to lack of time, we didn’t rotate the runners each round, but had time allowed we should have as a lot of other students wanted to do it.

Last week we played several rounds of our dowel rod game.  This week, Nicole invited pairs of adult leaders to the stage to give it a try.  I was surprised that so many leader volunteers and the students really enjoyed cheering the leaders on.

Set List: Furious, Our God, Awake My Soul, Cornerstone

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Be Legit Week 1

Be Legit

Theme: Saved by grace through faith for good works.

Nicole compared the two extremes of faith without works and works without faith.  She pointed to the example of the Pharisees and the teaching of James, challenging the students to evaluate their own spiritual state.

Games: To breakup the message, Nicole asked for four volunteers for a game of charades.  The audience was divided in half and each team was given four different words.  They were to silently act out the words until their team guessed the word correctly.  The first team to guess all four words won.  One of the teams did very well; the volunteers were into it and the audience participated.  The other team’s volunteers quickly got stage fright.  It was still entertaining, but we will be more aware of who we choose in the future.

After the song following the message, we had time for a few more games.  First we played a round of Rock Paper Scissors in Fusion style.  It went quick and the students had a blast. Then we got out our dowel rod game and played several rounds.  We only play this game from time to time and the students love it.

Set List: Here for You, Great I Am, Search My Heart, Awake My Soul

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UNITED Service

We met together with three other local youth groups for a night of prayer and music.  We get together with these churches once a year for a weekend conference, but want to do more events together throughout the year.  When we gather, the students have an expectation of what will happen and we wanted to play off of that.

When students entered the auditorium, they were given a packet of rubber-banded cards and told to hold on to them as they would need it during service.

We started the night with the full band kicking off a song.  After the intro, the band dropped out and the lights went off.  In the silence, the band members lit several candles on stage.  The words of the song began to appear on the screen without any music.  (Some of us had seen this done before and others had done it themselves, all successfully.  Unfortunately, the sound wasn’t on when the band started.  Therefore, it appeared as if there had just been a mistake.  During the song lyrics, the students talked and were not engaged.  It definitely lost the opening “BAM” we wanted, but luckily didn’t negatively impact the entire night)

After a moment of nothing, instructions for the packets appeared on the screen.  Once the instructions were over, the lights came up and instrumental music began to play.

The packets were a set of 21 different instructions for prayer.  Some of the instructions involved standing, some kneeling, some sitting.  Some were to be done in silence, others were to be read aloud.  A few instructed students to just listen for God’s voice and guidance.  Feel free to download and use them! – UNITED Prayer Cards.

Two of the cards we hoped would be read very loudly, shouted even.  Unfortunately, no student had the boldness to be the first.  Luckily, one of our leaders, about 15 minutes in, took the initiative.  Soon, students were shouting from all around the auditorium.  If we were to do this again in the future, I would either make the instructions specifically say “shout” or I would have a student staged within the first few minutes to do so.

We planned for the prayer time to last 45 minutes.  We thought some students wouldn’t even get through the whole packet, but at 40 minutes, it was apparent just about everyone was done.  Thirty minutes would probably have been the best amount of time for these specific prayer packets.

After the prayer time, the band came out and lead three songs.  We followed music, with a challenge to hand out the Life Books.  Following the challenge, the students broke-up into groups by grade and prayed for each other.

It was a great night overall and we’ll definitely do something similar in the future.

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2:42 by Fusion: Power of Prayer

2:42 Chair

We kicked off this month’s 2:42 by looking back on our previous series “The End.”  Ten volunteers were chosen who knew in advance they may have to drink something disgusting.  The volunteers were divided into two teams, each representing half of the room.  Standing in a straight line facing the crowd, each person was given a piece of paper with a word on it.  On “go,” the volunteers revealed their letters.  The crowd assisted in helping the teams figure out what word the letters spelled and stand in the correct order.  The team who unscrambled their word first, received a point.  The loosing team was then asked a question in regard to the previous series.  If they got it right, they received a point and the other team had to drink a smoothie with mystery ingredients .  If they got it wrong, someone from their team had to drink it.  If the person could guess two of the three ingredients in the smoothie, their team got a point.  We played three rounds and the crowd love it!  The students who had to drink our gross concoctions were all good sports.  It did take longer to play than we anticipated (20 minutes, not 10).

During the service we also played Rock, Paper, Scissors with a twist.  Everyone partnered up and played a round.  The loser then became the winner’s cheer section, following them around the room as they continued to play.  Then the winner found another opponent.  The loser and his cheer section added to the winner’s cheer section.  Eventually, we had two huge groups cheering for two individuals.  It was a quick game and lots of fun.

We interviewed three different individuals about prayer.  The first was a second grader and his mother.  It was awesome to see this young boy’s faith in God and how God has answered His prayers in miraculous ways.  We also interviewed a Fusion leader who has a strong prayer life and has seen God answer her prayers in a number of ways.  The last interview really rounded our the evening.  Arden Decuir, a Fusion Leader, talked about the importance of giving God time to speak.  He was very well spoken and really challenged the students.

For fun, we made this little video:

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The End Week 3

The End 1280x720

Theme: You will die…

Creative Element: After a lot of discussion, we decided it was time to move on from Jacques LePew and this would be our last year with him.  We wanted to stop using the character before he became old and tiresome to the students.  And truth be told, we (the youth ministry staff) were over it.  When we decided to do a series on death, it only made sense to literally kill Jacques off.  When we told our leaders we were killing Jacques, they were initially upset.  But they quickly got on bored and understood our rationale.  It wasn’t as easy as you would think, but we feel we developed a good end for this character we’ve grown to love over the past two years.  We started the evening off by jumping right into Jacques funeral service.  Check it out!

Wrapping up “The End” series, Nicole reminded the students that one day, maybe tomorrow or in 80 years, they would die.  Like Jacques, they didn’t know when their time would come so it’s important to live every moment like it could be our last.  She challenged them to stop living for things that didn’t matter and devote their time to the only thing that matters in the end.

After the message, two of our musically talented staff members played “Live Like You’re Dying.”  Each student was given a toe tag and instructed to write the answer to two questions on the back: 1)What difference do I want to make before I die? 2)What one action step can I take this week towards making that happen?

the end toe tag

Making the toe tags took some time and we have 60 left over.  If you could use them, let me know and I’d be happy to ship them to you!  FOR FREE!

Games: We ended the service on a much lighter note with a few games.  First, we played “Find Someone Who” which was Halloween themed.  Students were given a folded piece of paper with statements on it.  On “go,” they collected signatures from others who the statements applied to.  The first to get a unique signature for each statement, won.  Feel free to use or alter it! – Find Someone Who 2013 Halloween

Next, we asked volunteers to come on stage and give us their best death scene.  Some were quick and similar, but it was fun and fit with our series.

A leader gave us cupcakes to use as prizes for the games and we had several leftover.  So we had a cupcake eating contest.  First, three guys raced to see who could eat all their cupcake first and then three girls.  It was fun to watch them cram the entire thing in their mouths and then try to chew it up.

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