2:42 by Fusion

The first Wednesday of each month, called 2:42 is a “seeker-friendly” service.  Fusion students are encouraged to invite their friends to this service that was designed with their friends in mind.

We are always trying to refine 2:42 to make it more effective and give it a talkshow feel.  Every 2:42 we interview at least two individuals.  We purchased a very unique chair that our interviewees sit in.*  We’ve used the chair to brand 2:42 by incorporating it into the 2:42 graphic.  To add to the talkshow feel, the “house band” plays 30 seconds of music from a song the students will recognize, which is followed by a video commercial.  Knowing the unchurched will be in the audience, we purposefully incorporate secular music throughout the service to help them connect and not feel out of place.

The message, as one of our students put it, “is more of a Proverb than a Roman.”   Jacques Lepew is a reoccurring character that only visits during 2:42 and often helps make the point.  Our interviewees also assist in the teaching.

The students love 2:42 and we always see a spike in attendance.  We pray God continues to work through this service.


*We are also on the search for a talkshow feeling desk at an affordable cost.  That search has been unsuccessful.

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