Not a Fan Week 2

Hook: Fans glorify themselves.  Followers die to themselves.

Games: All the games this night involved marshmallows.  First, three students had to bob for marshmallows in flour.  The older students were more careful and got little flour on them while the younger students were more entertaining.  Prior to service, I cut out the middle of several marshmallows and filled them with mysterious foods (like olives, mustard, and sauce).  Three volunteers ate a marshmallow stuffed with the same thing and whoever identified the mysterious filling won.  Their faces were priceless and it was a good game to involve a leader.  Our last marshmallow game involved three sets of partners.  One partner stood with their hands behind their back while the other stood behind them and became the “armless” partners arms.  Dipping marshmallows in chocolate syrup, the arms of the one partner had to feed the marshmallow to the partner in the front.

Set list: Happy Day, Glory to God Forever, How Great Is Our God, Come Thou Fount

Here’s the second Fan vs. Follower video

For similar videos, like this one, check-out youtube.

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