Who Do You Say That I Am? Week 2

The second week of this series followed Halloween and since it was also 2:42, we went all out!

Hook:  Jesus, the Fear Slayer

Games: We had a costume contest that we advertised the week before.  Here’s the postcard we sent out- 2:42 Fear Slayer  Throughout the night the leaders voted for who they thought had the best costume in the different categories and it was announced at the end of the games.

We cut a hole in the center one of our tables large enough for someone’s head to fit through.  We then put a bucket over their head.  We picked three volunteers and one at a time brought them back into the room.  We offered them $5 or they could pick what was under the bucket.  The last person was wise to our act, but the faces of students freaking out to the head under the bucket was priceless!

Creative Elements: For Halloween, we decorated the stage with fake webs and a huge spider, spooky netting that you can get at Walmart, tea light candle, other random items from our local Halloween store, and a BUNCH of pumpkins.

Several of our leaders dressed up as movie monsters.  We showed the “They’re here” clip from Poltergeist and at the end, our leaders moved through the crowd with the theme music from the Halloween movies playing.  Our students were freaking out!  Then suddenly Thriller came on and our movie monsters got their groove on.  This isn’t the best quality video, but check out the first 4 minutes to see how it went!

Set List: Take It All, Like a Lion

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