Christmas 2:42

For our 2011 December 2:42, we threw a giant Christmas party.

Creative Elements: We invited three of our Life Groups to compete in a Gingerbread House making contest in a style similar to Cupcake Wars.  We filmed the event and created a video for 2:42 to highlight our Life Groups.  After the video, the team brought in their creations and a panel of “judges” commented on each.  Among our judges were a professional baker, Santa Claus, and an angry Frenchman.

Later in the service, students made Christmas cards for our leaders and for foster kids in our area.  We set-up several tables around the room with materials to make a pre-made card.  Students could follow the example or make their own card.

Games: With three groups of outgoing students, we gave each group several Christmas props to use in a skit.  They had 5 minutes to create their skit and then performed it on stage.  The remaining students picked the skit they like the best.

We included all of our students in a game we call “Stand up if…”  From stage we read a statement like “Stand up if you brushed your teeth this morning” and all the people the statement applies to stands up.  For this night, all of our statements were Christmas themed.  Check it out – Christmas Stand Up If

Set List: 12 Days of Christmas (Relient K style), Joy to the World, Angels We Have Heard on High, We Wish You a Merry Christmas

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