Facebook Official Week 2

Topic/Theme:  Tonight we addressed gender specific issues in regards to the topic of sex.  For the message portion, we separated the guys and the girls.  Andrew, the Associate Student Pastor, talked with the guys about their battle with lust while Nicole, the Student Pastor, talked with the ladies about their struggle with insecurity and self-esteem.  Andrew then talked with the girls about how a guy’s mind works and how they can help men with their struggle.  Nicole talked with the guys about how they can help their girl peers with their insecurity issues.

Set List: God Gave me You, Majesty of Heaven, Yearn, Hosanna, God is Able, Always

Games: We picked 3 secure guys who claimed to have the best pick-up line.  While picking volunteers, we set up a “couch” on the stage that consisted  of three chairs covered with a thick sheet.  We then picked a female volunteer.  We told the three male volunteers that the goal was earn the right to sit next to the girl by having the best pick-up line.  The 3 guys left the room so “they didn’t hear the other’s pick-up line.”  While they were gone, we removed the middle chair from the couch.  We brought the guys in one at a time and after they said their pick-up line, we asked the audience if it was worthy enough to sit next to the girl.  Of course they would cheer wildly yes.  We then asked the girl if the guy could sit by her.  She would say yes and when the guy went to sit, he would fall to the ground.

Troubleshooting the game- Our second volunteer was an adult and picked-up on what we were doing.  Then, for some reason, we couldn’t fix the sheet to look like the missing chair was there.  So the leader sat at the other end of the couch and we told the 3rd volunteer that the adult’s line wasn’t good enough to sit right next to the girl.  When the last volunteer went to sit, the girl and adult volunteer stood.  The crowd went crazy and his face was priceless.

Creative Elements: A student and one of our leaders performed this short, silly skit.  Dirty Mind  We also showed this video from Youtube sensation Rhett and Link.  We edited the original to ensure we didn’t offend anyone (see 1:09-1:16) and removed the advertisements.

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