2:42 The Book Week 1

The first night of “The Book” series was 2:42 and we incorporated as many elements as possible to correlate with the series.

Set list: Sing Sing Sing, I am Free

Creative Element: In SNL style, we wrote and performed a Jeopardy Style skit.  Hosted by one of our staff members, a over-zealous Christian, “church answer” ditz, and Jesus competed to win Bible Jeopardy.  Here’s the script – Bible Jeopardy

We interviewed one of our students who regularly spends time in the Bible and one of our leaders shared how the Bible has played a major role in her life.

Of course, Jacques visited for 2:42.  Nicole shared with Jacques “the top five stories you didn’t know are in the Bible.”  Nicole read the scriptures to Jacques and then they discussed them.  Here’s a list of the verses and spark notes of what Jacques said.  top 5 things in Bible  (We definitely pushed the line with the last one and don’t recommend this.)

To conclude our service and start the series right, we presented our students with a 30 day challenge.  We challenged them to carry their Bibles everywhere they went for the next 30 days- to sporting events, to work, on dates, as they went about their day at school- everywhere!  We wanted to know who accepted our challenge and be able to follow-up with them so we had students sign a giant covenant.  Here’s the video we used to introduce the idea.

This was one of the best things we have ever done in our ministry and we highly encourage you to give it a try with your students!

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