The Book Week 3

Topic: Nicole addressed several concepts found in the Bible including the Trinity, the difference between mercy and grace, sanctification and justification, and baptism.

Set list: Everything Glorious, the Time Has Come, MArvelous Light, Spring of Life

Creative Elements: We kicked off the night with several students sharing how the 30 Day Bible Challenge was going.

We also played this video by Josh Griffin and his HSM team at Saddleback.

To keep things interesting, during the message we played a game we called “Pick Your Poison.”  Nicole covered one topic at a time.  Following each topic, Nicole choose a volunteer from the audience who picked three food items from a tray.  She then blended the items together in a blender (the food items were fairly harmless, but mixed together were pretty bad).  Nicole asked the student a question that related to the topic.  If the student answered incorrectly, they had to drink their “poison.”  However, if the student answered correctly, Andrew had to drink it.  The students loved the game and Andrew was a good sport.

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