The Book Week 4

Topic: Andrew talked with the students about the importance and benefits of being in the Word and study scripture.

Games: One of our leaders led a game called, “Who Wants To Be a Fraction of a Millionaire.”  Three contestants had the chance to win $5 by answering questions based on the previous two weeks.

Set list: Come Though Fount, Hosanna, Revelation Song, O Praise Him

Creative Elements: One of our seniors talked about the 30 Day Bible Challenge and encouraged our students to continue in the challenge or start if they hadn’t.

Even though we showed it last week, we played “The Book” again.

At the kick-off of the following series (I Dare You), to wrap up The Book series and 30 Day Bible Challenge, we purchased 96 New Believer’s New Testaments  for our students to give away at school.  It was a great investment!  Here’s where we got the idea for a “saturation date.”  You can register to receive free Lifebooks (recap of OT, the entire Gospel of John, answers to issues teens face, and “an opportunity to trust Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior”) here as well.  I opted to purchase the New Believer’s New Testament for several reasons.  It’s NLT (what we use in Fusion), is the entire New Testament, provides reading options and devotionals as well as answers to questions, and because it’s steps to becoming a Christian are more inline with our beliefs than the Lifebook.

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