2:42 Promotion

The final Wednesday of Spring 2012 we focused on our graduating seniors as we bid them farewell.  The band kicked the night off by performing “Without You” by David Guetta.  The seniors each shared their plans following graduation and we prayed for them.  We all had a good laugh as the “top 5 memories” of the graduating class were shared.  The Fusion leaders learned the Interlude Dance and flash mobbed the students.  One of our seniors spoke to the youth group as a whole, sharing wisdom from her high school years.  Another senior talked directly to the juniors, challenging them to rise up as the new leaders.  We filed a recent graduate that had a few words of advise for the seniors.

Andrew was out of town this week, so we recorded his farewell wishes and words of advice.  You have to check this out!

We presented our seniors with an “Adult Survival Kit” which included the book “99 Thoughts for College-aged People.”  We also gave the book  “99 Thoughts on Jesus-Centered Living” to the juniors who were in a Life Group to show that we believed in them and wanted to invest in them.  We also gave the book “99 Thoughts on Hearing God’s Call” to the rising 9th graders who were in a Life Group.

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