Grace Week 1

Hook: The need and cost of grace.

Set List 1: Here For You, God is Able, How He Loves

Creative Element: We split the message into two parts and separated it with a time of worship through music.  this helped prepare the students for the message and gave them a chance to respond to it.  The first message addressed the need for grace.  Nicole dressed up as the woman Jesus met at the well and retold the story from the woman’s perspective.

Set List 2: 10,000 Reasons, Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)

The second message, “the woman from the well” retold the account of the crucifixion as if she had seen it herself.  We used a few clips from The Passion of the Christ that played in the background without any sound.  Through this, the cost of grace became much more real to our students.

Set List 3: The Stand, Mighty to Save, Nothing But The Blood, How He Loves

Highlight of the night: Seeing the weight of our sin and the cost of grace move our students to react physically and emotionally was amazing.  Following service, one of our students recommitted her life to Christ!  We had several students and leaders tell us it was the best Fusion we’ve ever had.  We prepared and God showed up.  It was awesome!

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