2:42 RED GAP


I’m not sure when RED GAP was started or why, but when I was introduced to the idea, it was explained to me as a night of organized chaos with loud music and crazy games.  When students started asking why it was called RED GAP, the youth ministry staff at the time made it into an acronym – raving. eating. dancing. games and party.  That sums it up well.

For the first 2:42 back from summer break, we had RED GAP, a night simply to have fun together.  The theme for the night was 80’s and everyone was encouraged to dress-up in 80’s fashion.  The students impressed us with their duds and it was hard to pick a winner for the best 80’s outfit contest.  We set up a DJ booth on the stage and played 80’s tunes throughout the night.  Andrew was “DJ Drew” with a mullet and all.

Our first game involved everyone and is simply called “Find Someone Who…”  Each student was given a piece of paper with several 80’s themed statements and a pen.  On go, the students collected signatures from others for the statement that applied to the signer.  For example, one statement was “Find someone who knows what TMNT stands for.”  Another was “Find someone who was born in the 80’s.”  The first students to get unique signatures next to each statement won a prize, candy from the 80’s.

Nicole invited several students on stage who were willing to chug a blended drink of 80’s foods, a McChicken, diet Coke, and gushers.  Even after being blended, the drink was chunky and smelt horrible!  One of our quieter middle school girls was the first to down it.  Everyone was shocked!

We also had a bubble gum bubble blowing contest.  We selected all male volunteers and played “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”  We thought it was a good idea, but the entertainment value of this game was low.

Next we gave everyone a balloon.  The goal was to pop other participant’s balloon while protecting your own.  The last person with a balloon won.  It was crazy and loud, but super fun.

Warheads were created in the 80’s so we decided to have a warhead eating contest.  There are several videos on youtube of people attempting to eat a massive amount of warheads so we thought this game would be a huge success.  It wasn’t.  The three contestants remained unfazed through the whole game.

We had a dance contest and and air guitar contest.  At first, the air guitarists weren’t into their performance, but with a little coxing, this game was a hit!  We had an ice cream eating contest and watched as students got major brain freezes.

We also introduced a game that was a huge success and we’ve brought back several times.  Taking a dowel rod, we tied one end of a string to a wiffle ball and the other end to the middle of the dowel rod.  We taped the string down to the dowel rod to keep it from moving.  We made two of these.  Holding the ends of the dowel rod to their foreheads, partners would attempt to wrap the string around the dowel rod by moving their entire bodies.  Two sets of partners competed to see who could wrap their string the fastest.  Some groups figured it out insanely fast while others… not so much.  It’s a quick moving game that everyone wants to try.

We ended the night with a create your own sundae – ice cream buffet and a time to just hangout.  It was a great night of fun and we plan to kick every year off with a RED GAP.

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