Staying Relevant

Staying relevant in youth ministry is important.  If you follow a youth ministry blog, subscribe to a youth ministry magazine, or have attended a youth ministry conference, this is something you’ve heard over and over again.  Of course we want Fusion to be relevant, but more importantly we want it to be relevant to our students.  What the world says is popular culture may not be for your students.  So the second night of our Sticks and Stones series we distributed a cultural survey to collect information from our students about the culture of our students.  While we were at it, we added a few questions about the Fusion ministry.  Check-out our survey here – Our Culture

We’re still inputting the data, but what we discovered so far is that our students have a wide taste in media.  There is yet to be a single band, music genre, or TV show that the majority of the students agree on.  We were also surprised by some of the shows are students watch – from Spongebob to the Walking Dead and Duke Dynasty.  It’s helpful to know that the majority of our students don’t use e-mail, use the website only when they need information, aren’t on Facebook as much as you would think, and are frustrated when other students talk during the service.

Of course, at the pace our culture moves, by the time we get all this data inputted, it’ll be old news.

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