Sticks and Stones Overview

Sticks and Stones

The last night of the Not A Fan Series we invited the students to participate in a number of stations.  One of those stations involved writing on a candle and an overwhelming number of students wrote something about their language.  At our summer camp, our students participated in an activity where they wrote down something they struggled with.  The majority of the answers in some fashion involved their words.  It was obvious to us our students needed and were craving a series that would help them with their words.

The first night of Sticks and Stones, Nicole introduced the series with a message about the power of our words.  The second night, Shannon Lovelady addressed the issues of swearing and lying   The last night, Andrew talked about how we can use our words in a positive way.

We were careful not to guilt trip the students as it was appherant they already were aware of the problem.  Instead, we encouraged them to stop trying to control their tongue alone and tap into the power of the Holy Spirit.  We pointed them to scripture and tools that they might find helpful in the battle to rein in their words.  Our students were very tuned in to this series.  We heard story after story of transformation and change.  It was very encouraging; God moved in a powerful way!

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