Sticks and Stones Week 1

Sticks and Stones

Hook: Our words matter.

Nicole repeated this phrase several time throughout her message.  The following two Wednesdays, Andrew and Shannon did as well.  If we asked the students the title of this series, “Our Words Matter” would probably be their response.  Now, as often as possible, we try to replicate this accident, calling the series our hook that’s weaved throughout each night.

Games: We opened the night by playing three games that involved the tongue.  The first was “Messy Plexi.”  We purchased vanilla and chocolate oreos for this game and divided an equal number of each so the cream was on one side of the cookie.  Taking a portion of an unused drum shield, we stuck the cookies with creme on the same side of the glass.  Two partners raced to each their oreos first, creme and all.  The view from the crowd was hilarious as the volunteers went to work, pressing their faces and togues on the glass.

We also had a screaming contest.  To mix things up, we gave awards (with real certificates and everything!) for the loudest scream, the girly-est scream, the manly-est scream, and the weirdest scream.  We didn’t tell the volunteers what the awards were for until everyone screamed.  It was a lot of fun and worked out perfect!

We finished our games with Human Word Scramble.  We divided the audience into two teams and picked 7 members from each team.  We had several 7 letter words pre-printed, one letter per page.  We mixed-up the letters to each word (in the same order to keep things fair).  We gave each volunteer a letter and on go, the audience helped the volunteers unscramble the word.  The first team to spell the word correctly got a point and the team with the most points at the end of the game won.

Set List 1: All Because of Jesus, Marvelous Light, Last Friday Night

Creative Element: At the end of our first set list, we went right from “Marvelous Light” into the chorus of “Last Friday Night” by Katie Perry.  The reaction of the students was not what we expected, but proved the point.  There were a handful of students who went crazy and started jumping around singing the song.  A few students sang right along without much thought.  But the majority of students started to sing and then stopped, looking around at each other with this look of, “Are we supposed to be singing?  Are they really playing this song?  What’s going on?”

Nicole followed this confusion with a message about the importance of our words.  During the message, Nicole referred to what happened, bringing to their attention James 3:11-12 – “Does a spring of water bubble out with both fresh water and bitter water?  Does a fig tree produce olives, or a grapevine produce figs? No, and you can’t draw fresh water from a salty spring.”  To further illustrate this, Nicole called a student up on stage and after handing them an orange, she asked him to give her apple seeds.

Nicole also brought a student on stage and gave them the needed supplies to make a s’more (with the exception of fire).  She then brought out a real box of cat litter and put a real cat turd in the s’more.  Of course the student refused to eat it.  Nicole used the illustration to compare what we do with our words: We talk about Christ and then gossip, lie, swear, etc.

We passed out business size cards with the series logo and phrase “Our words matter.”  We encouraged students to carry the cards for the next week as a reminder.  Several students asked for extra to put where they would see them or to give to friends.

Set List 2: From the Inside Out, Our God, Glory to God

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