Sticks and Stones Week 2

Sticks and Stones

Hook: Our words matter.

Shannon came and spoke with the students about swearing and lying.  He tied the two topics together by talking about the importance of representing the truth.

Creative Element: We began the service by opening the mic to those who would like to share their victories with their words over the past week.  Opening the mic to anyone can be dangerous and go wrong.  Knowing that, we had two students prepared to come up and share that we knew had been challenged and made change with their words.  Great idea, but for some reason the students didn’t execute our plan well.  One of the two students was supposed to volunteer right away to get things rolling, but she didn’t.  Fortunately, one of our student leaders volunteered right away.  The second staged student was to volunteer when there was a lull.  His definition of a lull was much stronger than mine and it took him so long to volunteer I was afraid he forgot.  A sixth grader also came to the stage and shared about her mom’s cruise with her new husband.  Despite the few hiccups, it was a cool time and I’d definitely do it again.

Nicole also asked those who still had a “Our words matter” card from the previous week to stand up.  It was awesome to see who was still carrying it around.  We got a lot of good feed back from this visual reminder.

Set List: Happy Day, God is Able, Forever Reign, One Thing Remains, Like a Lion

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