2:42 Bobble Head Jesus

To kick off our series “Bobble-Head Jesus,” we address misconceptions non-Christians have about the church.

In a effort to make 2:42 feel more and more like a late night talk show, this week we began our service with a commercial from our “sponsor” and Nicole, our host, was introduced by a mysterious booming voice.  We also added in commercial breaks after each 30 second band break.  We attempted to find commercials that touched on the topic of church.  We wanted the commercials to correlate with our topic of church, but came up short.  So instead, we found videos that were funny.  I’m sure you recognize some of these.

At our summer camp, we introduced “the Interlude” by the band Attack Attack that a group of college students created a simple dance.  (Check-out their instructional video here.)  We occasionally played the Interlude during our services and the students loved it, but we recognized the Interlude needed to be shelved before it got old.  So for our last Interlude, we created this video.

After the video, we challenged our small groups to create their own Interlude video. The small group that submitted the best video received a pizza party nerf war.

During Jacques’ interview, we discovered that Jacques had a negative few of the church and didn’t know Fusion was church.  Through Jacques, we were able to look at several misconceptions in a non-threatening, fun way.  One of our leaders and one of our senior students shared about the misconceptions they had of church and the perception they have now.

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