Bobble Head Jesus Week 1

Bobble Head Jesus

Theme: Heaven and Hell

Mike Wall, our Lead Pastor, spoke with our students about their misconceptions of Heaven and Hell and pointed to scripture that painted an accurate picture of eternity.

Creative Element: We decorated the room in a way to reflect our misconceptions. We roped off one corner and decorated it with flying angel babies, white sheets, and white fluff everywhere.  We made the rest of the room look like a party with yellow, red, and orange streamers.  After his introduction, Mike invited everyone to remove their misconceptions and the students quickly de-decorated the room.

After the teaching, we split the high school and middle school students.  The high schoolers met in our back parking lot to talk about the teaching while the middle schoolers went to “Hell,” a room we filled with real trash and road kills with the heat blasting and lights dimmed.  Here, Mike talked more about Hell.  When Mike was finished, the two groups switched.

While the groups were visiting “Hell”, we transformed our main meeting room into a garden.  (A local landscaping company allowed us to borrow a plethora of plants.  Without them, it would not have been possible.)  The front of the stage had a massive amount of fruit.  When the groups came back to the room, the band was already playing.  The students began to sing and pass around the fruit (they weren’t certain about whether they could or not at first, but then we inviting them to and they swarmed).

Set List: One Thing Remains, Holy, Glory to God Forever, The Stand, Sing Sing Sing

The night was a lot of work, but it was definitely worth it!

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