Bobble Head Jesus Week 2

Bobble Head Jesus

Theme: Angels and Demons

We took a look at scriptures that reveal truths about angels, demons, Satan, and our role in spiritual warfare.

Games: We picked two groups of 5 guys and two groups of 3 girls.  The guy teams were to get in the tightest group hug they could.  The girls were then to try and remove guys from the group.  One group of girls, try as they might, couldn’t get a single guy to break off the group.  The other girls were much more successful, but there was one girl who had no problem pressing her entire body against the guys.

Two sets of partners were chosen and each group of partners assigned to a section of the audience.  The partners were to use their bodies to spell out an assigned word and the crowd had to guess what they were spelling.

Each audience section was given a can of baby food.  As the music played, the baby food was passed from person to person in their section.  When the music stopped, the four people with the baby food came forward and the person who ate their’s the fastest won.

Creative Element: When talking about Satan, we played a video of a lion sneaking up on a young buffalo cafe.  The reaction of the crowd was perfect.

Set List: Always, Lord of All, Cornerstone, Like a Lion, The Time Has Come

The night was a lot of work, but it was definitely worth it!

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