Bobble Head Jesus Week 3

Bobble Head Jesus

Theme: Jesus

Andrew addressed some of our misconceptions of Jesus and looked at the real Jesus we find in the Gospels.

Games: We inviting students to guess how many candy cornes were in a jar.  They wrote down their name and guess on a slip of paper and put it in another glass jar.  The person who guessed the closest won a $40 scholarship to anything relating to Fusion.

We also picked three volunteers and gave each a bag of candy corn.  The person who threw the most in the air and caught them in their mouth in 1 minute won.  Our winner caught over 30!  The other two caught less than 20.

Keeping with the fall theme, we had a fall mad lib.  The students shouted out words and we inserted them into the appropriate blanks.  Then one of the students read the completed mad lib aloud.  It went over better than expected.

Creative Element: Our countdown video for the night was Gungor’s video “God is Not a White Man.”

After the welcome, we also played this video.

Before the message, three of our students performed the skit “God is a Box” by OneTimeBlind.  Check it out here.

Set List: Dress Us Up, Revelation Song, Holy, How He Loves, No Not One

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