Happy Halloween!

Fusion Halloween

Theme: The Walking Dead

We compared non-believers to the walking dead and discussed the importance of evangelism.

To create a zombie apocalypse feel, we asked a local junk yard if we could borrow some parts.  With a few car doors, a car hood and trunk, really dirty plastic, scaffolding, and a half demolished 4-wheeler, it really transformed the room.

Set List:No Not One, You Are, Marvelous Light, Your Love Never Fails, Send Me Out

Games: We advertised the week before that there would be a costume contest and we started the games by announcing the winners.  We also announced who won the candy corn guess from the week before.

We also played “Stand up if.”  A person reads a statement from stage and if it applies to you, you stand up.  All the statements were Halloween related.  For example, “Stand up if you watch the Nightmare before Christmas every year at Halloween.”

We also had a brain eating contest.  The night before, we made two brains with a jello mold. Two volunteers had one minute to eat as much brains as they could.

Creative Element: Before we played the games, we played “Zombie” by Family Force Five.

During the video, Nicole and Andrew brought out four volunteers dressed as zombies and put them in a cage on stage.  During the brain eating game, the zombies became very aggravated in their cage.  Unaware, Nicole and Andrew began to talk with the students about their favorite Halloween costumes.  Check-out what happened!

To remind the students about the importance of evangelism, we purchased small glow in the dark zombies and glued a slip of paper to the bottom that said “You have the cure.”

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