2:42 by Fusion

Theme: Everyone has a story.

This 2:42 we started something new by having a student who isn’t in the band start the night off with a song.  This allows us to feature more students each 2:42 and start the night in a non-threatening way with songs the teens will be familiar with.

Our first interview was with one of our adult leaders.  Matt grew up in the church and talked about his faith journey.  He was on the football team and used foul language constantly.  Late in high school he recognized that he needed to change his actions to reflect his faith and began taking responsibility for his faith.  He now has a family and is highly involved in the church.

After his interview, Matt accepted the gallon challenge.  He sat on the side of the stage for the remainder of the night and I checked on him periodically.  Before the hour was up, Matt completed the gallon challenge!!!  He almost threw up right near the end, but pushed through and drank the entire gallon.

Later in the service, one of our students shared about being adopted and how that impacted his faith.  He is still growing in knowledge, but puts his faith 100% in God.  Our third and final interview was with a student who lost his dad at a young age.  He shared how he had disowned God for several years, but recently began seeking after him again.  He shared that his faith story was still being written.

It was cool to hear different testimonies from people in different stages in life and in their faith.  It wasn’t just “cookie cutter Christians,” but real stories with real struggles.

Games: We played 3 different games back to back.  First we played Lick ’em and Stick ’em.  Student teams of three are chosen from the crowd.  One student sits in a chair with their head back while the other two students lick lifesavers and attempt to make them stick to their sitting partners face.

We also had students “make lemonade” by drinking a glass of water, eating a packet of sugar, eating half a lemon, and then jumping up and down 10 times.

We also asked students, “What would you do for a klondike bar?”  Volunteer students were challenged to break dance, sing, and imitate Jacques.

Later in the service we played Two Truths and a Lie.  I asked our leaders to send me two truths and one lie about themselves.  In service, I asked a student volunteer to guess which was the lie.  If they got it correct, they won a small prize.  The students got a kick out of what was actually true about our leaders.

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