2:42 Ignored Habits

2:42 Chair

One of our students opened the night by singing and playing on guitar an original song.

We interviewed two students, one in either grade and one in twelfth grade, about their Bible reading and prayer time.  It was very encouraging to the students and leaders to see two of our very own putting into practice what we had been talking about.  One of our seventh graders shared about her food fast following the fast challenge.

The Saturday prior, Nicole had the privilege of baptizing one of our students who had shared his faith journey story at a previous 2:42.  Check-out the video of his baptism we showed that night.

Andrew was at home with his new born baby, Liam, and was unable to join us for 2:42.  However, he did make a video of Jacques’ visit to Liam.

Games: In honor of Andrew, we played several games involving baby items.  First, three students had a baby bottle chugging contest.  It was taking them forever and loosing entertainment value, so after about 2 minutes, Nicole gave the students 15 more seconds and who ever had drank the most won.

A bunch of students were then brought to the stage and each given a balloon.  They were told to blow it up as large as possible and then stick it under their shirts.  This may have been the most entertaining portion of the game.  Once everyone was “preggers,” volunteers were told they needed to untie and then retie their shoes.  The game went fairly quickly and no one feel over (darn!), but it was fun non-the-less.

Finally, three students were brought on stage for Gerber Guess.  Each volunteer was given a spoon and took a spoonful of baby food from a jar with a hidden label.  The volunteers ate their baby food at the same time and the first to guess the correct flavor earned a point.  One of our contestants almost puked, was crying, and had snot running down their face at the first little taste (which was apples and cinnamon).  We got a new volunteer and the game proceeded.  Everyone else made it through the game, though their taste buds did not appreciate it.  In the end, the female went home with the prize.

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