2:42 Send Me

2:42 Chair

Two students performed Taylor Swift’s “Christmas Must Be Something More” to begin the service.  Then we played a game called “Gift Shuffle.”  Three gifts were given to members of the audience.  Each gift had been wrapped repeatedly the same amount of times.  A statement was read and the student with the gift was to pass it to a person the statement applied to (someone wearing red).  The new gift holder would remove one layer of the wrapping paper.  This process continued until the gift was completely unwrapped.  To keep things a mystery all the way through the game, we placed a $5 gift card in two of the boxes and a half scholarship to summer camp in the other box.

At each 2:42, we have mini, musical breaks lasting about 30 seconds throughout the service.  With Christmas right around the corner, we decided to do something a little different and festive.  Each musical break the “mini house band,” which consisted of 3 guys, sang a portion of “The 12 Days of Christmas” in a different musical style.

One of our students shared about her experience in Nicaragua and how serving God on a short term mission trip impacted her faith.  Two shared talked about how they serve in the Children’s Ministry and encouraged the other students to get involved.  Another student talked about how she is using her talents, knitting, to raise money for people in other countries who don’t have clean drinking water.  An adult in the church came to talk with the students about how serving isn’t just something we check off on a list, but we are to serve with our lives.

Jacques made two appearances this 2:42!  He first came to read the Christmas Story found in the Bible.  Of course, in Jacques style, it didn’t go as expected.


Later, Jaques returned dawning a Santa hat and home-made beard.  Refusing to admit his true identity, “Santa” invited students to tell him what they wanted for Christmas and he proceded to deny them their wish.  Unfortunately we had some camera problems and don’t have the video.

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