Christmas in Fusion

Fusion Christmas

Set List: Always, Our God, One Thing Remains, O Holy Night, O Come Let Us Adore Him

Theme: Family

For Christmas this year, we wanted to be relevant to the season, but not talk about the same thing the students were hearing Sunday mornings.  So we thought about different things that make Christmas what it is and decided a key component often overlooked is the family.  Nicole talked with the students about their role in the family and challenged them to give their parents something that would make a difference, something they would really like and appreciate.  Maybe it was forgiveness, maybe it was an apology, maybe is was getting off the couch and helping around the house.  Students were given an opportunity to write letters to their parents expressing what they were giving them this Christmas.

Games: We ended the service (and year) with several games.  We first played “Find Someone Who…”  We played this previously in the year at a 2:42.  Each student was given a paper folded in half.  On “Go” the students collected signatures from other people who signed next to the statement that applied to them.  All the statements were Christmas themed.  The first person to get unique signatures by each statement won.  Feel free to use or alter our list!  Find Someone Who Christmas

Our students were sitting at round tables so we planned a few round table games.  At each table we gave several materials for making a snowman: marshmallows, toothpicks, gumdrops, etc.  Tables were instructed to make a Christmas scene or snowman family.  At the end of the time, the table with the best display won.

We ran out of time, but had prepared to play the classic card game of spoons, but with candy canes instead.

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