Ignored Habits Week 1

Ignored Habits

We started the night with a recap video of the past year.

After the video, the band played Uprising by the Muse.  They did a great job, but not nearly as many students knew the song as we anticipated.

We asked students to fill out a paper that would help us know how they would like to be involved on Wednesday nights.  We got a great response and it has allowed us to start using more students.  This has drastically changed the atmosphere of our ministry for the better.  During an evaluation meeting with a handful of juniors and seniors, this was their number one positive comment- student involvement.

Topic: Forgiveness

Andrew talked with the students about the 3 types of forgiveness students should be practicing: forgiving others, asking others to forgive you, and forgiving yourself.

Creative Element: After the message, during the music, Andrew invited students to come forward and write a response on a fake brick wall.  Some students wrote about forgiving a certain person.  Others wrote about forgiving themselves.  Several praised God for his forgiveness.

Set List: I Am Free, Always, 10,000 Reasons, Came to My Rescue, Dress Us Up

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