Ignored Habits Week 4

Ignored Habits

To conclude our Ignored Habits Series, we set up 12 different stations around the building for the students to interact with during our time together.  Each station focused on a spiritual habit we should practice as a Christ-follower: Bible reading, Bible study, Bible Memorization, confessing our sins to each other, confessing our sins to God and repenting, prayer, being still and listening, worship through song, tithing, forgiveness, fasting, and creating.

At each station we had instructional cards for the students.  Here’s a PDF of the cards we created. Habits Stations  Many are front and back, but not all of them are.  Some are repeated for printing purposes.  Feel free to use or alter these to fit your needs!

We recommend changing the Bible stations.  We asked students to read all of the Book of James at the first Bible station.  It seemed like a good idea, but proved to be difficult and time consuming.  At the next station, students re-read James 1 and were asked specific questions about the chapter   Then students were given three verses from chapter 1.  They were encouraged to pick one to memorize.  Instead, we should have picked one chapter from James for the students to read, then a large passage from the chapter to study, and finally one verse from the chunk to memorize.

Besides that, the night was a HUGE success.  Students were instructed not to talk to each other unless instructed to do so at a station.  They were also permitted to talk to each other at the creative station.  We were blown away about how well the students did with remaining silent.  Afterwards, students commented how much they liked having a break from all the noise.  They also loved the music station as it was just an acoustic guitar and no production.  In the small room where this station was located, every voice could be heard and everyone sang with abandon.

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