Love and Other Drugs Week 1

Love and Other Drugs

Topic: Love

Our culture has confused infatuation with love and this has had dire consequences on our society.  Nicole addressed the topic of love, examining how infatuation controls us and real love requires a choice.  (And of course, we briefly addressed the topic of sex.)

To start the night, we showed this video explaining the science behind “falling in love.”

Game: For Valentine’s Day, we played a game I called “Assorted Chocolates.”  Before service, I collected several things from my fridge and pantry to cover in chocolate (marshmallows, mini-oreos, pickles, banana peppers, walnuts, and tuna).  Tip- I drained as much liquid as possible from the filing before coating in chocolate and I put my chocolates in the fridge to help them solidify quickly.  During service, I asked for two volunteers.  Simultaneously, the volunteers put the entire chocolate in their mouth so they couldn’t see the insides.  Whoever guessed correctly the contents of the chocolate got a point.  The student with the most correct guesses won the game and prize.  The only filing that didn’t go well was the oreo.  The chocolate was too strong and overpowered the oreo taste.

Set List: One Thing Remains, Forever Reign, Great I am, Give Me Faith, I Surrender

To close the service, we played the following video to reinforce the message.

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