Love and Other Drugs Week 3

Love and Other Drugs

Topic: Other Drugs

Because of the time constraints and the different struggles of our students, we couldn’t devote an entire Wednesday to each “drug.”  So for the last night of the series, we offered breakout session or workshops focused on different struggles.  Several of our adult leaders prepared to discuss with a small group of students a specific topic.  We opened with a song and then provided students with instructions for the night.  They were told the topics, teacher, and location of each breakout.  We gathered the breakout teachers in the center of the room to pray over them and then broke-up into groups.  Here were the topics covered that night: gossip (girls only), purity (girls only), self-image (guys only), pornography (guys only), materialism, procrastination, drugs, and self-destructive behaviors (eating disorders, cutting, etc.)

Set List: The Time Has Come

Following the breakouts, we met back together to film a Harlem Shake video.  We announced we’d be making it the week before, so students came prepared with costumes and all.  One of our leaders was the sole dancer while I held everyone’s attention.  What the students didn’t know was that Jacques snuck into the room and was dancing the whole time!  The reaction when we played the video the following week was priceless!

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