2:42 by Fusion

2:42 Chair

In January, we took a small group of middle school students to the Tenesse Christian Teen Convention (TCTC).  The second night the Skit Guys confronted their excuses head on and our students were very challenged.  So much so they wanted to bring the message to the rest of the youth group.  I set aside March’s 2:42 to do just that and the timing was perfect.  The weekend before, our students were challenged to do something for the kingdom of God right here, right now at a local conference.  They were on fire, but it wouldn’t be long before the excuses started rolling in.

One of our leaders shared a story about a time when she made excuses not to act and the consequences she suffered for it.  One of our seniors shared about how she struggles with excuses all the time and encouraged the students to overcome their excuses.  Finally, we interviewed the “TCTC panel,” 5 of the students who went to TCTC.

At TCTC, Tommy from the SkitGuys spoke on excuses based on the story of “Matt” in John 5:1-9.  We reformatted his message into a skit, using key funny elements, and performed it live.  It was a lot of fun and delivered the message in a creative way.  (Sorry for the poor sound quality of the video.)

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/61738764]

To conclude the service, we gave the students their own excuse mat to carry with them throughout the week as a reminder to “stand up, take up their mat, and act.”

Excuse Mat

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