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Follow Me

I am currently reading Sticky Faith by Dr. Kara Powell, Brad Griffin, and Dr. Cheryl Crawford.  They include a quote from one of the students they interviewed who said, “I wish the high school youth pastors would focus perhaps less on, you know, the Romans Road and the 8 steps to success for how to convert somebody… and more on living a life that other people are gonna want to live, because that’s what’s compelling and that’s what’s gonna bring people in.  That’s the best advertisement for God and for Christianity.”  This quote really struck me and I decided to do a series on just that.

Series Synopsis: What was it about Jesus that drew people to him?  How can we live a life that is compelling and will draw others to Christ?  Join us for the March series called “Follow Me” as we take a look at living a life that others can follow and will lead people to Christ.

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