Follow Me Week 2

Follow Me

Theme: Speaking with Boldness

Jesus spoke with a boldness that drew crowds to him.  Because of his relationship with God, he couldn’t help but speak out about Him.  Jesse Pirkle, one of our recent grads and leaders, spoke about how we can imitate Christ in this regard and challenged the students to choose their faith over their fear, to trust God, and to speak with boldness.

Set List: The Time Has Come, Rise and Sing, Always, All the Poor and Powerless

Creative Element: We learned about speech jammers from Rhett and Link on Youtube.


We tried it out on several people as we found it doesn’t work on everyone.  Some people can talk right through it while others become totally incapable of saying anything at all.  Our line-up on stage was from least affected to most affected.  Check it out!


Andrew created our own speech jammer on Garage Band, but after service we discovered there is are several Speech Jammer Apps.  One of our leaders went home and tried it on her husband.  We’re still trying to convince him to make a video for us as he has been the most entertaining yet!

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