God of Science Week 1

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Topic: The first week of the series, we looked at holes and weaknesses in the Theory of Evolution.

Nicole talked about the logical inconsistencies of the Big Bang Theory, the scientific and mathematical improbability of life forming by chance from non-living matter, the unreliable results of radiometric dating, and evidence for a young earth.

Creative Element: To demonstrate the absurdity of the Big Bang, Nicole had a volunteer come forward and smash the mess out of wall clock.  They put all the pieces in a transparent container, including the battery.  Nicole explained that all the material and energy needed to make a running clock was obviously present in container.  She  asked the student how long he would have to shake the container before it became a working clock again.  Obviously, no matter how long he shook it, chance would never put all the pieces back together.  How much more absurd is it to believe that by chance our complex universe was created?

Games: Because this series is intellectually driver, we wanted to give the students (especially the younger ones) a mental break.  We did this by dividing the message up into three parts with different games.

The previous week, the students helped clean out the attic.  We found a TON of shirts donated from different companies and organizations.  So the games for the night revolved around shirts.  Our first game was a contest to see who could put the most shirts on.  Nicole asked for two female volunteers.  One of the girls “didn’t like layers” and was in no hurry to put on her tees.  The other volunteer was entertaining in she was in such a hurry she didn’t pull the t-shirts all the way down.  As they continued to bunch up around her arm pits and neck, it became more and more difficult for her to put the shirts on.  She tried to pull the shirts down, but they were so bunched it was nearly impossible.  The part of the game we didn’t consider was that they would have to take the shirts off.  This was not entertaining and took a good bit of time that we couldn’t spare.  We should have counted as they put them on and then had them go to the back to take them off.

The second game we asked for four male volunteers.  Each volunteer was given a t-shirt and two pillows to shove into their shirt.  We had already created a ring on the floor with duct tape.  The students were to attempt to cause the other student to step outside of the ring, like sumo wrestlers.  The “matches” were fast so we played best two out of three.  Two volunteers played and then the other two (who happened to be brothers).  We planned to have the winner from each match play, but to make up for time we didn’t.

The last game everyone put on a shirt and then made a group of eight.  Standing in a single file line, they faced the person infront of them.  The person in the back of the line was given a word that he drew on the back of the person infront of him.  She would then spin her shirt around to see the drawing and wrote the word on the back of the person infront of her.  He would then turn his shirt around and draw the object on the back of the person in front of him.  (To simplify the instructions for the students we said if they saw a word, they were to draw it.  If they saw a picture, they were to write the word.)  This continued until the first person saw the final picture and guessed what it was.  We had enough time to play it twice.

Set List: God of Wonders, Great I Am, Beautiful Jesus

The material Nicole prepared and games both took longer than anticipated.  We had to cut one of the songs and later concluded that the music felt forced.  We planned just to have a message the following week broken up with games and what have you.

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