God of Science Week 2

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Topic: The second week of the series, we examined the fossil evidence and how it’s interpreted by Evolutionists and Creationists.  We also talked about dinosaurs and how they fit into the Biblical account.

Games: Because this series is intellectually driver, we wanted to give the students (especially the younger ones) a mental break.  We did this by dividing the message up into three parts with different games.

The first game, called Clumps on thesource4ym.com, students were to break up into groups by the given classification.  The first group to find everyone who fit that classification won.  If groups failed to find everyone, demonstrated by multiple groups or stragglers, they lost.  The first given classification was gender.  Obviously this produced only two groups.  The other classifications were grade, shirt color, state you were born in, number of siblings, and birth month.

For the second game, teams were created by rows.  Again, the teams were instructed to organize themselves by the given classification.  The first row to organize themselves properly won.  The classifications were height, age, alphabetical by middle name, shoe size, and birth day (ex: 18th).  To mix things up, some of the rounds the teams were not permitted to speak to each other.

After the message, students partnered up and were instructed to sit on the ground with their backs to each other and arms interlocked.  The partners were to stand up without using their hands.  Once completed, the partners found another set of partners and did the same thing with 4 people.  A youth group on thesource4ym.com had a group of 28 students accomplish this task.  In the end, we had a group of 30 attempt, but a few students on the end fell over and never made it to their feet.  We were over time and didn’t try it again.

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