God of Science Week 3

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Topic: The last week of the series, we gained a great appreciation for our Creator.

Creative element: To mix things up, we divided the message into 3 parts and allowed the students to respond to each part through music.  Each message began by read the corresponding passages of Genesis 1.

Set list 1: O Praise Him, Cannons (full band)

Message 1: A Look at the Universe: We took a glimpse into our massive universe to resize our perspective of God.  (the pianist continued to play after the first set, through the message, and into the second set)

Set list 2: How Great Is Our God, How Great Thou Art (pianist and acoustic guitar, this set ended almost acapella)

Message 2: The Animal Kingdom:  We  examined the unique systems found in the woodpecker, the mating rituals of the emperor penguin, and the dependent relationship of the termite and flagellate.  In these animals and so many others we see the handiwork of God.

Set list 3: All Creatures of Our God and King, Make a Joyful Noise (acoustic guitar, Andrew made a medley with these two songs)

Message 3: Crown of Creation: Lastly, we talked about what makes humans different than all of creation and took a look at the protein molecule laminin.

Set list 4: Let Me Sing, Glory to God Forever (full band)

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