2:42 by Fusion: RUSH

2:42 Chair

Jacques was our first guest and was introduced with this short clip:

Getting ready for summer, we made it appear that Jacques had a REALLY bad spray tan.  We did this with frosting color available at Walmart in the wedding isle.  During his interview, Jacques shared how this summer he would be looking for a job and going to the “beach of the Americas.”  We also discovered that Jacques had not been invited to any graduation parties which lead him to demanding to interview the first senior.

We interviewed and prayed for 3 of our graduating seniors.  They shared embarrassing stories, times when they were challenged or experienced the presence of God, and advice for the other students.

We always play a few games throughout the night at 2:42.  Our first game was called “Getting Warmer.”  Three volunteers who “took risks” were taken out of the room.  In their absence, the other students chose an action they wanted the student to perform.  One at a time, the students returned and the rules were explained.  As the student got closer to the desired action, the other students would clap and cheer.  The first student was to gangnam style dance and caught on fairly quickly.  The second student needed to go on stage, sit behind the drums, and play.  A fifth grader only in Fusion for the second time, he by far did the best and was the most entertaining.  The last student was to kiss a painting of Jesus we have in the youth room.  He struggled, but eventually figured it out.  The students had a great time with the game.

Later in the serve we asked for two volunteers who were movie gurus.  We showed clips from 6 summer movies and the first to guess the movie correctly received a point.  We showed clips from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Parent Trap, Dirty Dancing, Jaws, High School Musical 2, and Sandlot.

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