God is Here Week 2

God is Here


We started the night with another chair game called “Shuffle Your Buns.”  The group sit in a circle while a volunteer leaves their chair and stands in the middle.  Students are instructed to move to the empty seat on their right.  As students move, it creates a wave affect.  The student in the middle attempts to sit in the empty seat while the sitting students shuffle to the empty sheet.  Sitting students are  to keep their hands on their knees at all time to prevent them from blocking the empty chair.  Once students understood the game, we added more and more middle volunteers and thus more and more empty seats.

After the game, Andrew played “Here for You” and Nicole talked about how “God is here and God is present,” expressing how God is deeply involved in our lives.  Following the message, we remained in a circle for music.  We changed all the pronouns referring to God from “he” to “you” to emphasis the presence of God; to sing directly to God, not just about Him.

Set list: How He Loves, One Thing Remains, Give Me Faith

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