2:42 by Fusion: God is Here

2:42 Chair

The highlight of the night was our opener.  We set-up a VIP seating section and had pre-ordered pizza for these students.  We took up an offering for the delivery person to show them God’s love.  We didn’t get a chance to count, but I know it was over $70!  The delivery woman was so moved.  She shared that she had an 11 month old baby at home and they were having a very difficult time.  We prayed for her before she left.  It was awesome to see God move through that small act.

We closed our “God is Here” series by hearing personal testimonies that applied to the theme.  Merideth, one of our students, shared about experiencing God’s presence during her mission trip to Nicaragua.  Andrea, a mom in the church, talked about how God was with them through a difficult health issue involving her son and how God miraculously healed him.  Andrew shared how he hasn’t experienced a miracle or had a time when he was overwhelmed with God’s presence, but He is still aware of God’s presence and love.  We talked about how God interacts with us all differently; not everyone has a “burning bush” moment.  Yet, while it looks different, God is always with us and always involved in our lives.

We played two games during the night.  The first was a game we’ve played a few times in Fusion called “Stand Up If.”  The person on stage reads several different statements and each person stands for the statements that apply to him.  This go around, the statements were summer related.  Check them out here ->  Stand Up If Summer

The second game we played was a memory game.  We showed the students a picture with several different objects for 30 seconds (to make it a little more challenging, Nicole called out objects that weren’t in the picture.)  After the 30 seconds everyone was given a pencil and paper.  Everyone was given 1 minute to write down as many objects as they could remember.  The person who wrote down the most correct objects won a free t-shirt.

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