In the Fight Week 1

In the Fight

Theme: Dressing for Battle

Nicole kicked off the series by talking about the different pieces of armor listed in Ephesians 6 and called the students to dress for battle.  After the message, students were invited to put on warpaint and we celebrated our victory with a high energy set list.  

Creative Element: Nicole made a flag that matched the series graphic.  During one of the songs, a student retrieved the flag from stage and began waving it around.  It was a cool moment.

Games: We started the service with two games.  For the first we blindfolded a male leader and armed him with two pool noodles.  Two volunteers attempted to touch the leader without being hit by the pool noodles.  The first to successfully do so won.  This was entertaining, but not the pinnacle of hilarity.  In the past we played outside as a relay type race and that was more successful.

For the second game, we asked for two new volunteers and gave each a socker-bopper.  Each volunteer put one foot on the same bandana.  With their socker-bopper they were to try and push each other off the bandana.  The first person to remove their foot from the bandana lost.  The two volunteers happened to be brothers and the battle lasted longer than we anticipated, but when we brought the socker-boppers out, the students went crazy and a lot of them wanted to play.  We will definitely play again during the series.

Set list: Rise Up, Like a Lion, Our God

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