In the Fight Week 3

In the Fight

Theme: Our Greatest Weapon: Evangelism

After a few final rounds of Socker-Bopper, we jumped right into the music.  Focusing on Matthew 9 and 10, Nicole challenged to students to share their faith and “give as freely as they had received” (Matthew 10:8) despite what risks they perceived or fears they had.  Nicole interviewed a student who intentionally looks for opportunities to share her faith.  We also showed this blog video by Penn Jillette.

We chose songs that were high energy and further communicated the theme of the night.  In the green room prior to service, Nicole told the band the songs “preached” just as much as she did.  The songs following the message allowed the students to respond to the challenge.

Set list Pre-Message: All Because of Jesus, Rise and Sing, Rise Up

Set list Post-Message: We Won’t Be Quiet, We Shine

After the message, Nicole encouraged the students to bring their friends the following week for 2:42.  While we aren’t about incentives and bribes, we understand non-Christians may need an extra push to step foot in a church.  Therefore, we gave students a “tool” for just that.  For every friend a student brings, the student has an additional chance to win a prize.  Every student who comes for the first time also has a chance to win.  The prize options we gave were intentionally relationship-building in nature and priced all around $100.

-Nerf War and Pizza Party for 16 people
-Bowling for 8 people
-Iceskating for 8 people
-Manicures for 8 people
-Video Game/Pizza Party for 6 people
-Concert on Oct 20 with Building 429, the After, and Hawk Nelson for 4 people

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