2:42 by Fusion: It Works

2:42 Chair

We concluded our “In the Fight” series with a push for the students to invite their friends to Fusion.  Therefore, the two-week series called “It Works” was designed with their friends in mind.  The first night was 2:42 and we interviewed two adults and a student.  Each shared what their life was like before Christ, how they came to know Christ, and how their life was different with Christ.  Each shared why following Christ was worthwhile even though it isn’t always easy.

We opened the night with Egg Roulette.  Checkout this video to see how it works…

The first two volunteers were middle school boys.  They showed no fear when slamming the eggs on their head and it was hilarious!  The second two volunteers were high school girls and they were much more delicate and got very little egg on them.  Still fun though and we’ll definitely play again.  Later in the service we played clumps.  This was the second time we’ve played this game, but this time the categories were school, favorite primary color, number of pets, favorite season, and number of hours of sleep last night.  With a few extra minutes, we closed the night by asking “What would you do for a Klondike bar?”  The person who offered the best answer had to do what they suggested and would be awarded a Klondike bar.  One student said he would let someone lick his foot.  Then his twin brother said he was going to say he would lick someone’s foot.  It was entertaining to say the least.

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