It Works Week 2

It WorksTheme: God works and God is relevant. Always.

We opened the night with two games.  First, is called “Crowd Pleaser” from  Nicole asked for three volunteers who left the room.  She then told the crowd that “they” say when put in an awkward situation, a person would say what they would say after their first kiss.  She instructed the crowd not to say anything to the volunteers when they came on stage.  One at a time, we brought the volunteers in.  Nicole gave them the mic and then walked off stage, giving them no instructions.  The reactions were all very similar and while humorous, it was only ok.  For the second game, two volunteers were given a children’s golf set from Walmart.  Whoever hit their plastic golfball the furthest won.  The first golfer hit their ball straight into the front row.  The second got some more distance.  Fun and quick, but not something we’ll play on a regular basis.

After the games, Nicole walked the students through Acts 16 and the conversion stories of Lydia, the possessed girl, and the jailor.  She described how God pursued each differently and proved that He works and is relevant.  She challenged the Christ-followers to allow themselves to be used as God used Paul to reach these individuals.  She closed her message with an invitation for those who would like to accept Christ.

Set list: Lord I Need You, One Thing Remains, O Praise Him


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