The End Week 2

The End 1280x720

Theme: The Anatomy of Death

Ron Boswell, an elder at SoHills, talked with the students about where death came from and how, because of Christ, we don’t need to fear death.  He also encouraged students to do life together, sharing stories from his days as an EMT.

Games: In the spirit of Halloween, we created a game where pairs of volunteers created a Halloween mask.  The first pair, one of the volunteers sat on a stool while the “artist” gave the person a scary Halloween mask with provided Halloween make-up and pallets.  The next pair, Nicole deliberately picked a boy and gave the “artist” real make-up.  The final pair was given food to use to create their mask (ketchup, mustard, chocolate syrup, peanut butter, and goldfish crackers).  The artists went to work as we played our next game.  The boy with the real make-up won by far.  He was a great sport about it and even offered to wear it all night!

For the second game, we drilled holes through the center of several apples and tied a string through the hole.  Adult leaders held the apples hanging in the air for students who tried to “bob” for the apple without using their hands.  The first to get a bite out of their apple won.  It was entertaining to watch, but took longer than we anticipated.

Set list: Where I Belong, In Christ Alone, Christ Is Rise

To promo our Halloween Party the following Wednesday, we created this little video inspired by this HSM original.

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