The End Week 3

The End 1280x720

Theme: You will die…

Creative Element: After a lot of discussion, we decided it was time to move on from Jacques LePew and this would be our last year with him.  We wanted to stop using the character before he became old and tiresome to the students.  And truth be told, we (the youth ministry staff) were over it.  When we decided to do a series on death, it only made sense to literally kill Jacques off.  When we told our leaders we were killing Jacques, they were initially upset.  But they quickly got on bored and understood our rationale.  It wasn’t as easy as you would think, but we feel we developed a good end for this character we’ve grown to love over the past two years.  We started the evening off by jumping right into Jacques funeral service.  Check it out!

Wrapping up “The End” series, Nicole reminded the students that one day, maybe tomorrow or in 80 years, they would die.  Like Jacques, they didn’t know when their time would come so it’s important to live every moment like it could be our last.  She challenged them to stop living for things that didn’t matter and devote their time to the only thing that matters in the end.

After the message, two of our musically talented staff members played “Live Like You’re Dying.”  Each student was given a toe tag and instructed to write the answer to two questions on the back: 1)What difference do I want to make before I die? 2)What one action step can I take this week towards making that happen?

the end toe tag

Making the toe tags took some time and we have 60 left over.  If you could use them, let me know and I’d be happy to ship them to you!  FOR FREE!

Games: We ended the service on a much lighter note with a few games.  First, we played “Find Someone Who” which was Halloween themed.  Students were given a folded piece of paper with statements on it.  On “go,” they collected signatures from others who the statements applied to.  The first to get a unique signature for each statement, won.  Feel free to use or alter it! – Find Someone Who 2013 Halloween

Next, we asked volunteers to come on stage and give us their best death scene.  Some were quick and similar, but it was fun and fit with our series.

A leader gave us cupcakes to use as prizes for the games and we had several leftover.  So we had a cupcake eating contest.  First, three guys raced to see who could eat all their cupcake first and then three girls.  It was fun to watch them cram the entire thing in their mouths and then try to chew it up.

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