2:42 by Fusion: Power of Prayer

2:42 Chair

We kicked off this month’s 2:42 by looking back on our previous series “The End.”  Ten volunteers were chosen who knew in advance they may have to drink something disgusting.  The volunteers were divided into two teams, each representing half of the room.  Standing in a straight line facing the crowd, each person was given a piece of paper with a word on it.  On “go,” the volunteers revealed their letters.  The crowd assisted in helping the teams figure out what word the letters spelled and stand in the correct order.  The team who unscrambled their word first, received a point.  The loosing team was then asked a question in regard to the previous series.  If they got it right, they received a point and the other team had to drink a smoothie with mystery ingredients .  If they got it wrong, someone from their team had to drink it.  If the person could guess two of the three ingredients in the smoothie, their team got a point.  We played three rounds and the crowd love it!  The students who had to drink our gross concoctions were all good sports.  It did take longer to play than we anticipated (20 minutes, not 10).

During the service we also played Rock, Paper, Scissors with a twist.  Everyone partnered up and played a round.  The loser then became the winner’s cheer section, following them around the room as they continued to play.  Then the winner found another opponent.  The loser and his cheer section added to the winner’s cheer section.  Eventually, we had two huge groups cheering for two individuals.  It was a quick game and lots of fun.

We interviewed three different individuals about prayer.  The first was a second grader and his mother.  It was awesome to see this young boy’s faith in God and how God has answered His prayers in miraculous ways.  We also interviewed a Fusion leader who has a strong prayer life and has seen God answer her prayers in a number of ways.  The last interview really rounded our the evening.  Arden Decuir, a Fusion Leader, talked about the importance of giving God time to speak.  He was very well spoken and really challenged the students.

For fun, we made this little video:

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