UNITED Service

We met together with three other local youth groups for a night of prayer and music.  We get together with these churches once a year for a weekend conference, but want to do more events together throughout the year.  When we gather, the students have an expectation of what will happen and we wanted to play off of that.

When students entered the auditorium, they were given a packet of rubber-banded cards and told to hold on to them as they would need it during service.

We started the night with the full band kicking off a song.  After the intro, the band dropped out and the lights went off.  In the silence, the band members lit several candles on stage.  The words of the song began to appear on the screen without any music.  (Some of us had seen this done before and others had done it themselves, all successfully.  Unfortunately, the sound wasn’t on when the band started.  Therefore, it appeared as if there had just been a mistake.  During the song lyrics, the students talked and were not engaged.  It definitely lost the opening “BAM” we wanted, but luckily didn’t negatively impact the entire night)

After a moment of nothing, instructions for the packets appeared on the screen.  Once the instructions were over, the lights came up and instrumental music began to play.

The packets were a set of 21 different instructions for prayer.  Some of the instructions involved standing, some kneeling, some sitting.  Some were to be done in silence, others were to be read aloud.  A few instructed students to just listen for God’s voice and guidance.  Feel free to download and use them! – UNITED Prayer Cards.

Two of the cards we hoped would be read very loudly, shouted even.  Unfortunately, no student had the boldness to be the first.  Luckily, one of our leaders, about 15 minutes in, took the initiative.  Soon, students were shouting from all around the auditorium.  If we were to do this again in the future, I would either make the instructions specifically say “shout” or I would have a student staged within the first few minutes to do so.

We planned for the prayer time to last 45 minutes.  We thought some students wouldn’t even get through the whole packet, but at 40 minutes, it was apparent just about everyone was done.  Thirty minutes would probably have been the best amount of time for these specific prayer packets.

After the prayer time, the band came out and lead three songs.  We followed music, with a challenge to hand out the Life Books.  Following the challenge, the students broke-up into groups by grade and prayed for each other.

It was a great night overall and we’ll definitely do something similar in the future.

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