Be Legit Week 1

Be Legit

Theme: Saved by grace through faith for good works.

Nicole compared the two extremes of faith without works and works without faith.  She pointed to the example of the Pharisees and the teaching of James, challenging the students to evaluate their own spiritual state.

Games: To breakup the message, Nicole asked for four volunteers for a game of charades.  The audience was divided in half and each team was given four different words.  They were to silently act out the words until their team guessed the word correctly.  The first team to guess all four words won.  One of the teams did very well; the volunteers were into it and the audience participated.  The other team’s volunteers quickly got stage fright.  It was still entertaining, but we will be more aware of who we choose in the future.

After the song following the message, we had time for a few more games.  First we played a round of Rock Paper Scissors in Fusion style.  It went quick and the students had a blast. Then we got out our dowel rod game and played several rounds.  We only play this game from time to time and the students love it.

Set List: Here for You, Great I Am, Search My Heart, Awake My Soul

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