Be Legit Week 2

Be Legit

Theme: Own it.

Keith Trollinger, a guest speaker, challenged the students to own their faith.  He compared it to a car he grew up in that his parents eventually gave him.  Once it was his, he was no longer a passenger along for the ride.  He was the driver, he held the keys.

Creative Element: Before service, we contacted a local lock smith who donated a bunch of random keys.  We wrote “Be Legit” on key tags and attached one to each key.  After Keith’s message, referencing Keith’s illustration, Nicole invited the students to symbolically take ownership and responsibility for their faith by getting a key from the stage.

Games: We divided the crowd into two teams and assigned each team a runner.  Nicole would ask for an item and whichever team delivered that item to her first received a point.  She asked for a learner’s license, a piece of mail, something from another state, a note from a friend, a hunting license, and a receipt from a local business.  Due to lack of time, we didn’t rotate the runners each round, but had time allowed we should have as a lot of other students wanted to do it.

Last week we played several rounds of our dowel rod game.  This week, Nicole invited pairs of adult leaders to the stage to give it a try.  I was surprised that so many leader volunteers and the students really enjoyed cheering the leaders on.

Set List: Furious, Our God, Awake My Soul, Cornerstone

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