Be Legit Week 3

Be Legit

Theme: Don’t do it alone.

Nicole reminded the students that while they are to take ownership of their faith, they can’t do it alone.  She talked about the importance of participating in the church body, joining a life group, and having an accountability partner.

Creative Element: Concluding the message, Nicole invited the students to respond however that looked for them individually.  She challenged students to approach their life group leader if they hadn’t been participating as they should. She encouraged students to approach her if they wanted to join a life group or get involved at the church.  She invited students to talk to each other and pray together about the possibility of being accountability partners.

Games: On business card sizes pieces of paper we printed the names of 6 different animals.  We then folded the slips of paper in half twice and put them all in our offering plates.  During service, we passed the plates down the rows, instructing students to take a piece of paper, but not look at it.  Nicole explained that everyone had the name of an animal and on “go” they were to make the noise of the animal and find the rest of their heard (or flock).  On “Go” the lights went out and all the students started making their animal noises.  Once all the groups were formed, we brought the lights back up for the next game.

Now that our large group was in small groups, we played human knot.  Some groups did very well.  Others couldn’t even complete the first step of creating a knot.  But everyone still had fun and it was a good way to mix up the group and have the students interact with other students they don’t naturally.

Set List: All Because of Jesus, Your Love Never Fails, God is Able

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