The End Week 2

The End 1280x720

Theme: The Anatomy of Death

Ron Boswell, an elder at SoHills, talked with the students about where death came from and how, because of Christ, we don’t need to fear death.  He also encouraged students to do life together, sharing stories from his days as an EMT.

Games: In the spirit of Halloween, we created a game where pairs of volunteers created a Halloween mask.  The first pair, one of the volunteers sat on a stool while the “artist” gave the person a scary Halloween mask with provided Halloween make-up and pallets.  The next pair, Nicole deliberately picked a boy and gave the “artist” real make-up.  The final pair was given food to use to create their mask (ketchup, mustard, chocolate syrup, peanut butter, and goldfish crackers).  The artists went to work as we played our next game.  The boy with the real make-up won by far.  He was a great sport about it and even offered to wear it all night!

For the second game, we drilled holes through the center of several apples and tied a string through the hole.  Adult leaders held the apples hanging in the air for students who tried to “bob” for the apple without using their hands.  The first to get a bite out of their apple won.  It was entertaining to watch, but took longer than we anticipated.

Set list: Where I Belong, In Christ Alone, Christ Is Rise

To promo our Halloween Party the following Wednesday, we created this little video inspired by this HSM original.

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The End Week 1

The End 1280x720

Theme: What happens when we die? 

We used the above video for our countdown.  While a little dated for our fast paced culture, the students enjoyed seeing this cute video again.

Nicole talked with the students about what happens to our souls when we die.  We examined the different Greek words in the New Testament referencing the afterlife and specifically looked at the parable of the rich man and Lazarus in Luke 16.  Nicole closed the night reminding the students that this life is their only chance to make a decision for Christ.  She invited non-Christians to accept Christ and challenged Christians to share their faith.

Games: Because the material was so “heady,” we opted out of playing music, which had learned from the past.  Instead, we spent extra time playing games.  We started the night by giving each student 5 pieces of scrap paper and instructed them to write a noun or verb on each card.  We instructed the students to break-up into groups of 8, 10, or 12 and to sit in a circle around all the pieces of paper from the members in their circle.  We explained the rules for Catch Phrase (see below if you aren’t familiar) and gave them 15 minutes to play.

Later in the message, to give the students a break, Nicole played a game “invented” by one of our leaders based on this viral video.

Nicole asked several volunteers to the stage and the audience would sing “What does the fox say?” and then one at a time the volunteers responded.  While it seemed awesome in concept, it proved to bomb on stage.  If we had explained the game first and then asked for volunteers, I believe it would have been more successful.

Luckily, we had planned to show this cute video as well so it saved the moment.

Catch Phrase: Every other person in the circle is on the same team (i.e. the circle is divided into two teams, sitting Team 1, Team 2, Team 1, Team 2,…).  Someone sets a timer for one minute.  The first person picks a piece of paper and describes the word without using any part of the word or “rhymes with…”  Once his team guesses the word, the next person in the circle picks a slip of paper and describes the word to her team.   When the timer is up, the team who is still guessing loses and the other team gets a point.  The team winning the most rounds wins.

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The End Overview

The End 1280x720

For Halloween we go all out!  (Check-out what we did last year and the year before.)  When we started planning for the semester, Nicole knew she wanted to talk about death.  With our planning team, we decided to address the topic of death during the whole month of October.

Series Synopsis: What happens when we die?  How do we deal with the death of a loved one?  Is there hope when we experience loss?  What does God’s word say about death?  Join us for the October series as we take a real look at this difficult subject.

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It Works Week 2

It WorksTheme: God works and God is relevant. Always.

We opened the night with two games.  First, is called “Crowd Pleaser” from  Nicole asked for three volunteers who left the room.  She then told the crowd that “they” say when put in an awkward situation, a person would say what they would say after their first kiss.  She instructed the crowd not to say anything to the volunteers when they came on stage.  One at a time, we brought the volunteers in.  Nicole gave them the mic and then walked off stage, giving them no instructions.  The reactions were all very similar and while humorous, it was only ok.  For the second game, two volunteers were given a children’s golf set from Walmart.  Whoever hit their plastic golfball the furthest won.  The first golfer hit their ball straight into the front row.  The second got some more distance.  Fun and quick, but not something we’ll play on a regular basis.

After the games, Nicole walked the students through Acts 16 and the conversion stories of Lydia, the possessed girl, and the jailor.  She described how God pursued each differently and proved that He works and is relevant.  She challenged the Christ-followers to allow themselves to be used as God used Paul to reach these individuals.  She closed her message with an invitation for those who would like to accept Christ.

Set list: Lord I Need You, One Thing Remains, O Praise Him


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2:42 by Fusion: It Works

2:42 Chair

We concluded our “In the Fight” series with a push for the students to invite their friends to Fusion.  Therefore, the two-week series called “It Works” was designed with their friends in mind.  The first night was 2:42 and we interviewed two adults and a student.  Each shared what their life was like before Christ, how they came to know Christ, and how their life was different with Christ.  Each shared why following Christ was worthwhile even though it isn’t always easy.

We opened the night with Egg Roulette.  Checkout this video to see how it works…

The first two volunteers were middle school boys.  They showed no fear when slamming the eggs on their head and it was hilarious!  The second two volunteers were high school girls and they were much more delicate and got very little egg on them.  Still fun though and we’ll definitely play again.  Later in the service we played clumps.  This was the second time we’ve played this game, but this time the categories were school, favorite primary color, number of pets, favorite season, and number of hours of sleep last night.  With a few extra minutes, we closed the night by asking “What would you do for a Klondike bar?”  The person who offered the best answer had to do what they suggested and would be awarded a Klondike bar.  One student said he would let someone lick his foot.  Then his twin brother said he was going to say he would lick someone’s foot.  It was entertaining to say the least.

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In the Fight Week 3

In the Fight

Theme: Our Greatest Weapon: Evangelism

After a few final rounds of Socker-Bopper, we jumped right into the music.  Focusing on Matthew 9 and 10, Nicole challenged to students to share their faith and “give as freely as they had received” (Matthew 10:8) despite what risks they perceived or fears they had.  Nicole interviewed a student who intentionally looks for opportunities to share her faith.  We also showed this blog video by Penn Jillette.

We chose songs that were high energy and further communicated the theme of the night.  In the green room prior to service, Nicole told the band the songs “preached” just as much as she did.  The songs following the message allowed the students to respond to the challenge.

Set list Pre-Message: All Because of Jesus, Rise and Sing, Rise Up

Set list Post-Message: We Won’t Be Quiet, We Shine

After the message, Nicole encouraged the students to bring their friends the following week for 2:42.  While we aren’t about incentives and bribes, we understand non-Christians may need an extra push to step foot in a church.  Therefore, we gave students a “tool” for just that.  For every friend a student brings, the student has an additional chance to win a prize.  Every student who comes for the first time also has a chance to win.  The prize options we gave were intentionally relationship-building in nature and priced all around $100.

-Nerf War and Pizza Party for 16 people
-Bowling for 8 people
-Iceskating for 8 people
-Manicures for 8 people
-Video Game/Pizza Party for 6 people
-Concert on Oct 20 with Building 429, the After, and Hawk Nelson for 4 people

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In the Fight Week 2

In the FightTheme: Battle Strategy: Build Forts

After a few rounds of Socker-Bopper and announcing the baptism of one of our students (AWESOME!) we jumped into the music set.  Shannon, our Lead Pastor, challenged the students to create a battle strategy when it comes to temptation.  He compared our spiritual war to playing war when we were younger and “modern” zombie war: those who are in the fort are always safer than those outside.  When we build forts, when we set boundaries, we are safer when temptation comes.  He explained that building forts often times meant breaking off relationships, but encouraged the students by saying when those friends need help we’ll be in a good place to provide it.

Set list: The Time Has Come, Always, Christ is Risen, Whom Shall I Fear

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